Charles Wright Interprets The Philip Johnson Glass House

Charles Wright Glass House
As we’ve been wondering through and slowly cataloging the various iterations and transformation of “The Glass House” over time, one of our favorites is definitely Charles Wright’s re-interpretation. Its hard to improve upon an original, but Wright did a spectacular job. While the original glass house was much a small one bedroom living pavilion, Wright’s version becomes a full functional event driven space that accommodates all of the modern living needs beyond a simple retreat for reflection. Wright’s house is truly a house and full living environment, it builds upon the original, using much the same materials, much the same shape, and is clearly recognizable as a re-invention, no imagination or leap of faith needed, while nonetheless integrating a full spectrum of needs and desires within the frame – multiple rooms, multiple events. A master awning that is the roof slab, serves to anchor separate pavilions with living spaces, both indoor and outdoor.
Charles Wright Inside Glass House

Since it was built the home has won a number of AIA design awards. It is perhaps best to read the architect in his own words to get a better idea for some of the thought process.

And lastly, did we happen to forget that it has all been built with a wonderful eye towards the latest in sustainability.