The Lobby Ceiling Of The Alpina Hotel In Gstaad

Alpina Hotel In Gstaad Decor Ceiling
We haven’t really spent a lot of time or effort showcasing hotel properties, not for any particular reason, we feel that there’s probably already a lot of travel sites that can give you the best of hotels, where to stay and what to do, apparently it’s popular topic on the internet. However, from time to time we find something that is just way too good to pass up. Here is the amazing, the beautiful ceiling of the Alpina Hotel In Gstaad Switzerland – ski and spa country. The painting itself could stand alone as the centerpiece for the whole lobby, but the added touches are what really bring it full circle – note the chandeliers, which are just simple absolutely plain circles hanging down. The rest of the lobby is still beautiful, the natural woods and warm colors very much compliment the art work.