Advertising Policy

For the most part we do not and will not accept advertising of any sort, whether in our sidebars, headers or in articles on our home page. The internet has become flooded with advertising, everywhere on every page and every post. If it’s not a banner add or ten, then it’s footer adds, or “commercials” that autoplay as you’re browsing. While we have no problem with the idea of trying to make a few bucks off of your website, whether it’s for personal or corporate purposes, in our opinion it’s gotten out of hand to the point where some sites don’t load properly, and the drop down windows get in the way of any content that you might want to read, so we are big fan of the idea of basic rule: No Advertising. However we will make a very small exception to the rule for anything we believe has reasonable merit and won’t detract from our readers enjoyment – want to know what we do like and under what circumstances we would bend the rule… Not For Profits or organizations that we feel are well worth our community knowing about, guess that would have been called “public service” announcements in the old days.