Typically we do not like to promote any real estate agency or website in particular, the internet is over run with property and design sites that have effectively been highjacked by the real estate industry, almost all of these sites are pretty much the exact same, pushing listings. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t a few agencies and their respective websites that are trying to do something different and specialize in such a way that we feel they are worthy of a special mention. Much the way that we have revealed some of the websites we frequent to get inspiration, these are sites that you should frequent if you’re looking for unique properties.

Unique Real Estate Agencies

One of our all time favorite sites, which is really an online magazine, that happens to showcase particular listings is Circa Old Houses, despite the name it has absolutely no relationship to us what so ever. These guys list specialized properties that are old houses, whether antique or otherwise.

Leave it to the Brits to come up with a agency that specializes almost exclusively in unique and very distinctive modern architecture, the relatively bland name of the agency and their website, The Modern House, though belies their incredibly cool listings and the content that you can literally spend days going through, we do from time to time reference them here and can find them either by search or browse through our “Modern Tag”.