Websites We Frequent

We can’t get all the inspiration we need for everything that we post without spending what’s probably an unhealthy amount of time on the internet looking at photos from other design websites and real estate sites. If we were to try and list all of the sites that we visit and comment on, well, that would be almost impossible. We do try to link to and reference each site in all of our posts so that

a) we can give credit where credit is due
b) so that all of our readers can use this as a launching off point to discover more

Below are a handful of the sites that we generally use as good references.

Curbed has one of the best collections of real estate and home focused online properties on the web, we routinely wander through their sites and post when we see something in particular we like.

CNN has an okay design and architecture section that isn’t updated all that often, but is usually a good launching off point, it’s all under CNN Style.

It might seem a little clichéd, but Dwell still has some of the most forward thinking architecture and design work on the internet, so of course we spend a bit of time there.

We launched our Green Living section not too long ago and while it doesn’t make up a huge portion of our writing as of just yet, we’re hoping to fix that in time, we’ve found some good information and posts over at Inhabitat.