Who Us

Welcome to Circa Design.

As our name suggests we are a design oriented website online magazine, like so many others out there, we comb through the vast expanse of the internet in an effort to bring you ideas that we love to comment and to post about the latest and greatest happenings in the design world.

We focus a lot on photos here, we want to get people excited for their homes, their spaces and the places that we all inhabit. We try to stay away from too much real estate in particular, since we have no idea what your budget may be, or even where you live and even if you have any interest in moving – ie. we’re not here to try and sell you anything other than to maybe sell you some of your own imagination.

Speaking of budget, while much of our design and imagery conjures that which is luxurious and probably pretty darn expensive, it doesn’t have to be. It is what you make of it. We’ve done posts on Roche-Bobois, but at the same time we try and balance that by also giving you ideas on how to pull out and use the colors themselves to create your own spaces and your own look.

We spend a lot of time on other websites, we’ll freely post from there and will of course reference back to the site when we can so that you can follow along in the conversation.

We sincerely hope you enjoy.

Todd Stevens

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